Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update! Phew!

It has been quite sometime hasn't it? I have a few new things I did in the month long span of hiatus

To those people who are my age, this is a tribute to a series I used to read. I would usually sneak in to my neighbour's house and borrow his copy. My favourite male character has always been Vegeta. My favourite female character isn't neccesarily Bulma, but I do like these two as a pair and wrench wenches. So, there we go, Vegeta and Bulma probably having their nth fight regarding fixing the GR (probably)

This is another source of pride, my first published illustration for Venture magazine. The subject matter is Indonesia's rich marine heritage. The illustration is part of a series that discusses the outer Indonesian islands, their marine heritage and their inhabitants. The research for this assignment is the hardest because Indonesians in general are horrible with paperwork and anything to do with archiving our own culture. But I managed! So yayness!!

This is an illustration specificically done for my Dad on our favourite novel series. My Dad and I are from very different generations, so the fact that we have something in common is so amazing. The book series in question is Legend of Condor Heroes, before Harry Potter, this was the Asian book blockbuster. The series is now part of a compulsory literature subject in China.

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bhashkar-revitservices said...

I'm finding it interesting and funny, also I like the desing and style you adopted! Keep posting these comics and I will keep reading!