Friday, May 23, 2014

Heisty Heisty heist

I still can't believe we managed to get this comic done!

To begin with, Lia and I worked in different cities (still do, and now even further) and our jobs are both pretty hectic. At the time when we were doing the first issue of Heist, Lia's studio is 1.5 hour bus ride from her home, I was teaching and doing 2 freelance jobs . By the time the second issue rolls around, my new studio is located one hour away from my lodgings, my workload increased, Lia was busy with freelance jobs, and we finally got some break for the third issue. Lia has a very light freelancing schedule and I was inbetween jobs.

The distance and the real life stuff happening during the making of this comic was daunting and interestingly...ridiculous. Aside from the jobs, we had interesting health problems, famlial obligations to attend to...and, of course, procrastination, a problem  every artist faces I'm sure.
Some people has been asking: why is the drawing style for Heist so different from my "normal" drawing style? The short answer is: Lia did the final design on the characters. The long answer is : I thought Lia would be the one doing all the drawings, but I ended up having to pencil and ink  as well --because she gets busy when I'm not busy and vica versa.

Anyway, I'm so happy that the third issue is printed :) And I will be in Comic Arts Festival Kuala Lumpur, June 7 to 8 in The Annexe Gallery, Central Market :)

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