Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another Next Five

I decided to do another Next Five because I could. I was browsing through my Tumblr likes and found a picture of an unagi meal set. The starting point picture is below left, and you can see my thumbnails in the middle and in the right —my other research pic. I decided against eating at the kotatsu because it’s already so ubiquitous as a “Japanese” image.
And then I found out about Shirakawa-Go during my research which looks totally cool, pre-Commodore Perry Japan . The house and the area…is actually based in Hokkaido. :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Also a comic WiP

Nooot exactly for a new project but a revised, unpublished project from last year

Next Five

Friday studio downtime so I decided to do the Next Five storyboarding exercise —introduced by Lissa Treiman and Emma Coats. You basically pick a photo and thing “what’s gonna happen next in 6 panels or so.” Included below are my thumbnails. 
I sort of failed because i only did 5 because my angkot was coming towards the studio

Saturday, October 05, 2013

24 Hour Comic Day

t has come to my attention that apparently a few artists is using my 24h Comic as an “example” or template of doing good in Singapore. I’m flattered and embarassed, but hey thank you:) I’m not doing it this year because I have to take care of some “real life” business but I have a few tips in doing 24 Hour Comic—and I’m sorry it’s late.
Do you guys honestly want to know how “Nanny” got done? Cheng Tju said LETS DO A COMIC ABOUT INDONESIAN MAIDS. And he sent me a VERY SHORT outline—and told me GO! And the dialogue running in my head was AAAAHH AAAHHH I GOTTA GET THIS DOOOOONE. The next year, when I did my solo effort, “Flowers Through a Fog” (can be read here ), I didn’t really overthink it either, I just thought of what I wanted to do and went for it.

2. It’s NEVER Going to Look Perfect
I love both Nanny and Flowers Through a Fog but my main disappointment was THE ART IS NOT AS POLISHED AS I WOULD LIKE IT TO BE. And that’s okay. Just do your best! 
The caveat is this: because Nanny was to be published nationwide in Indonesia, I was afforded extra 3 days to finish my inking. I only finished the penciling in the original timeline. Also, Nanny is inked digitally
As for Flowers, the art was ACTUALLY done in 24h because I did it in pencils and chinese ink. It’s less polished than Nanny but the designs are a lot more complicated. 
You lose some, you gain some. 
3.Stop Looking at Others’ Comic
I experienced it on both ends. I was the jealous,  party and later on someone else was the jealous other party. You know what, forget it. What you’re trying to do and the other party is radically DIFFERENT. You want to achieve X and the person beside you want to achieve Y. So just…do your own thing. 
To that end, I saw some of the Singaporeans bringing other comics as reference, come on guys—your circumstances are different from those guys, so stop using other artists as a measuring stick for your comic/art.
4. Have Fun
The purpose of 24 h comic day isn’t this weird competition of HAY HAY I CAN DO BETTER COMICS THAN YOU. I know this is hard to shake off especially if you were raised in a strict, overcompetitive East Asian family —but TRY. You will find that you’ll have more fun and less stress of OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT  IF I DONT DO THIS I’M AN AWFUL ARTIST. LOTS of people didn’t get theirs done. NEIL GAIMAN didn’t get HIS done on time. I sure as hell didn’t finish inking Nanny in 24 hours. 
5. Drink Lots of Fluid and Don’t Forget to Eat. 
Caffeine is a shitty way to keep “fresh” and up. You will end up having a caffeine crash. Eat more fruits and veg and drink water to keep your stamina. 
6. When You are Done your 24 H don’t try to go to a wedding reception after. Just try to sleep
My mistake in 2012. Because after, the next 3 weeks I got bronchitis after a particularly nasty cold thanks to fatigue.