Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All that Jazz

OH MY GOSH I havent updated in September! I actually did a bit more than this but since most of the work is either confidential (ie: studio NDA forbids me to post anything until our show airs) or a work-in-progress (ie: Heist in Wajan Street #3 and an upcoming sketchbook collection). Yea, you heard me, I'm compiling a sketchbook :D --have some other art.

I adore Liz Lemon (aka Judgey Mcbadgerface) and I'm a late comer to 30 Rock, but whatevs, at least 2013 is the last year. I also watched Pacific Rim and LOVED it. And lastly, I was missing Canada and trying a BG style practice.

Hope you have an awesome day!