Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exhbition in Singapore Coming Up

Guess who’s getting exhibited in Singapore this month? :D C’est moiiiii.
The comic exhibited is my first foray into 24 Hour Comic, a collaboration between me and my friend Lim Cheng Tju about the plight of domestic Indonesian worker abroad.  Cheng Tju is also one of the most active academics and comic aficionado in Singapore. He edited the second volume of Liquid City and participates on various comic related events in South East Asia. You can check out his essays and observance on his blog here.
The exhibition will be opened on the 18th of March but there will be a small welcoming party on the 30th of March. Unfortunately I’m unable to come because I couldn’t get plane tickets for that weekend (that and my family is celebrating Easter). Anyhow if you’re interested here are the exhibition dates:
18 March – 2 May, Jurong Regional Library (GoLibrary start date is printed as 25 March in case of delay)
3 May – 18 June, Sengkang Public Library
19 June – 31 July, Serangoon Public Library

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