Friday, January 18, 2013

Character Design Update

Have some ugly looking schoolchildren. We were talking about various TV show about schoolchildren and despite very few exceptions, the girls in these show are usually drawn cute or pretty. At anypoint, I never went to school with a bajillion SHINY PRETTY GIRLS nor have I ever been one :P.It would really be nice to have a show about schoolgirls. 

Happy new year, whoever's following this blog :) 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Flood

To my Canadian (and international friends in general), yes my family are alright. Our house is not flooded and we are thankful. However, The following is a list of telephone numbers that can be reached if you are in a flooded region and require evacuation.

1. Call Center SAR Jakarta 021-5501512 and 021-55051111, 021-5507976

2. 021-6344215 (Central Jakarta or Jakarta Pusat)

3. 021-43931063 (North Jakarta or Jakarta Utara)

4. 021-5682284 (West Jakarta or Jakarta Barat)

5. 021-7515054 (South Jakarta or Jakarta Selatan)

6. 021-85904904 (East Jakarta or Jakarta Timur)

If you are in need of a inflatable boat to evacuate, you can contact 021-3901575.