Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Malaysia Comic Fiesta 2012

As it turns out, we ended up going to Malaysia Comic Fiesta 2012. I shared a table with the CAB team, together with Rony, John, someone who doesn't want to be named and we are hoste by Sarah Joan Mokhtar. We ended up selling...quite a few of Heist copies there!

yes, that is me in person.

And as it turned out, I finally got to make a live commission sketch!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Art Retrospective 2012

Ummmmm Sandy challenged me to compile the best of what I do in 2012 aand do an art retrospective. Oh good Lord.

Right, first things first. January, I was sick in bed, and on my birthday when I did this particular piece. I like Dragon Ball Z, I like Bulma, I like Vegeta…and I was reading a couple of fanfics and tadaaah this piece is done. I tried to do the faux-painting look with this. February, I started writing my collaboration comic with Malia. We did this piece, she drew and I coloured as a mood setter. Could be better…at the time trying to find out how to work the mood and style. March. Fanart of Condor Heroes. Tried working with custom texture…semi successful. April, Drew myself as River Song. RESOUNDING SUCCESS. May A commission from a local magazine. I’m fairly happy with the result considering the deadline was…pretty brutal. But I think now, perhaps I can do better. June A Tiana drawing. :D Yay. July  Breakfast sketch. Could do better with the colouring. August. WE FINISHED ISSUE 1 OF HEIST!!! WOOOOO!!! Malia and I did the comic :DD September I did this to practice, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, mood and colouring. October This is for one of my best friend’s birthday. I’m reasonably happy with the colouring and the drawing. Buuut, not accurate enough for a Jinouga armour :P Ah well, better luck next time. November MOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! Too late for moon festival, unfortunately :P Portfolio work for 2013 Happy with it. December Collaboration work with my supervisor, caricatures of the storyboard/script team of my studio.