Monday, February 27, 2012

Preview for My First Solo Book

My next upcoming book, originally titled Job Blues, now is called "Surviving Canada: Kisah Mahasiswi Absurd di Perantauan" basically tells the stories about all the mishaps and hilarious things that happened in my various part time jobs I took while I was surviving through college. Coming in a month!The English version will be out in August

Back in October I participated in the Indonesian 24 Hour Comic Day with other talented artists like Azisa Noor, Tita Larasati, Adriane Yuanita, and the awesome Lia Hartati and the result of our hard work were published by CAB a month later.

Little did I know that this anthology would actually get reviewed by The Jakarta Globe, one of the more popular choice of newspaper in Jakarta. That alone floored me, but even crazier, my collaboration with Cheng Tju Lim for the opener comic was actually given a very favourable review.

"The opening comic in “Nanny” features a domestic worker who travels to Singapore for her job. As an Indonesian with her memory trapped in the past, the Nanny misses her home more than she ever has. The stories have touched the reader’s hearts, and shed light on the plight of countless Indonesian women who work outside the country and are strangers in another culture trying to fit in, while not having many friends to talk. "

I really didn’t expect a review from The Jakarta Globe, much less a really good one, being that I’m one of the newer batch of artists in the Indonesian comic scene. I’m honestly floored and honoured to be mentioned among all the great artists and be able to be published together. 

Let’s hope I can do better for my next one :) (one month away from publication)