Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Malaysia Comic Fiesta 2012

As it turns out, we ended up going to Malaysia Comic Fiesta 2012. I shared a table with the CAB team, together with Rony, John, someone who doesn't want to be named and we are hoste by Sarah Joan Mokhtar. We ended up selling...quite a few of Heist copies there!

yes, that is me in person.

And as it turned out, I finally got to make a live commission sketch!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Art Retrospective 2012

Ummmmm Sandy challenged me to compile the best of what I do in 2012 aand do an art retrospective. Oh good Lord.

Right, first things first. January, I was sick in bed, and on my birthday when I did this particular piece. I like Dragon Ball Z, I like Bulma, I like Vegeta…and I was reading a couple of fanfics and tadaaah this piece is done. I tried to do the faux-painting look with this. February, I started writing my collaboration comic with Malia. We did this piece, she drew and I coloured as a mood setter. Could be better…at the time trying to find out how to work the mood and style. March. Fanart of Condor Heroes. Tried working with custom texture…semi successful. April, Drew myself as River Song. RESOUNDING SUCCESS. May A commission from a local magazine. I’m fairly happy with the result considering the deadline was…pretty brutal. But I think now, perhaps I can do better. June A Tiana drawing. :D Yay. July  Breakfast sketch. Could do better with the colouring. August. WE FINISHED ISSUE 1 OF HEIST!!! WOOOOO!!! Malia and I did the comic :DD September I did this to practice, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, mood and colouring. October This is for one of my best friend’s birthday. I’m reasonably happy with the colouring and the drawing. Buuut, not accurate enough for a Jinouga armour :P Ah well, better luck next time. November MOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! Too late for moon festival, unfortunately :P Portfolio work for 2013 Happy with it. December Collaboration work with my supervisor, caricatures of the storyboard/script team of my studio. 

Monday, November 26, 2012



I really have nothing smart to say because it's past Moon cake Festival. :P

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It's That Time of the Year Again!

Ignore the 2011 that's last year's poster. Seven Draw Your Days is an event in Indonesia where we do daily comics for a week then post it online afterwards. You can access my contribution through here

Friday, November 02, 2012

Quick fanart sketch of Irene Adler from the BBC hit series, "Sherlock"

Monday, October 22, 2012

This year's 24 h comic. Click on the picture above to access it. 

Post Script: This comic started its life as a joke made by my coworker on a mid-afternoon while we were boarding our TV series. What if some hapless Indonesian college student thought that he is a character in a Wong Kar Wai film. A few round of jokes were thrown laughter was had by all. 

But by the end of the day I thought it was an interesting enough idea to warrant its exploration. Most characters in Wong Kar Wai movies has a tragic, sad feel to them and a lot of Indonesians are no-nonsense, sort of people.  Any inkling of tragic self pity in someone's personality will be mercilessly assaulted and teased until they "grow" out of it. (or hide that characteristic away). I think it's interesting to juxtapose two conflicting things into one. Since this is an homage the title is No Stones Unturned while the Chinese title is 雾里看花 (looking flowers through a fog)

At the end of the day I learned a lot doing this because, well 24 hour comics has always and will be a crazy challenge. Whether I fail or succeed it is up to you guys reading this. But I enjoyed making it, quite a bit :) So...hopefully you guys do too. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is an update to the older piece I did in 2010 illustrating "you are a loose lily floating down an amber river." Nowadays I hang around Kumata Studios doing storyboards and occasionally go to Kafe Doh for comicking jobs and needs.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Heist at Wajan Street First Issue

Heist at Wajan Street is my first collaboration with friend and partner, Lia Hartati
The story is about these four kids, Peddie, Tomas, Yunus and Aisyah (Icha for short) facing a problem that their public high school might just get cut from government funding and how they choose to solve their problems.
First issue will be available in  AFA (Anime Fest Asia) and Comic Connexions at Jakarta’s Goethe Institut. Price per issue is Sing $3.50 
International/out of town buyers can message me on my e-mail at stephani dot soejono at gmail dot com.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One of the other comic I'm doing. It's for kids':)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hiya!  I'm finally updating semi regularly. I'm currently on the final stretch of my second comic(the first one is awaiting to be distributed) , so I decided to take a break and post something.

This is actually a mock up of a fake book going into the second comic. I'm trying my best to ape Craig Thompson's Blankets cover. It amuses me for some reason  heheh.

While inking I decided to "listen" to Megamind--which actually resulted in this doodle inbetween pages I was drawing. I love love love that movie, especially the animation and writing :)

Last but not least, my own characters. I'm working on their story currently, but they have existed for about 8 months in my head now :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Late Job Blues is Late :)

The movie I have been working on for a year has been out for the longest time and I actually forgot to blog about it! Gosh! First of all, it has been a huge honour to work on an animated movie with an interesting and thought provoking content, secondly, the crew I worked with are quite possibly one of the nicest people I ever met, (despite the fact that they could be complete trolls) and thirdly, first movie ever! Wooo! And yeah, this is pretty much the parental reaction. Being a lowly animator, there's only so much scene you get to animate--and sometimes I guess despite their best intention, your family expect you to get a bigger part. I think I'm starting to understand the feeling of first-time actors now...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Portfolio!

Yes, ladies and gents, you heard right! New portfolio! 2010 and 2011 had been an amazing two years, despite its ups and downs. I got to do some exciting stuff like contribute in an anthology, write and draw my own books, try my hand at some video game design (harder than you think, really), and last but not least, draw family and friends. These are some of the stuff I did inbetween 2010 to 2011 and early 2012, so these are pretty new, except some of the comic strips.

Update! Phew!

It has been quite sometime hasn't it? I have a few new things I did in the month long span of hiatus

To those people who are my age, this is a tribute to a series I used to read. I would usually sneak in to my neighbour's house and borrow his copy. My favourite male character has always been Vegeta. My favourite female character isn't neccesarily Bulma, but I do like these two as a pair and wrench wenches. So, there we go, Vegeta and Bulma probably having their nth fight regarding fixing the GR (probably)

This is another source of pride, my first published illustration for Venture magazine. The subject matter is Indonesia's rich marine heritage. The illustration is part of a series that discusses the outer Indonesian islands, their marine heritage and their inhabitants. The research for this assignment is the hardest because Indonesians in general are horrible with paperwork and anything to do with archiving our own culture. But I managed! So yayness!!

This is an illustration specificically done for my Dad on our favourite novel series. My Dad and I are from very different generations, so the fact that we have something in common is so amazing. The book series in question is Legend of Condor Heroes, before Harry Potter, this was the Asian book blockbuster. The series is now part of a compulsory literature subject in China.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Preview for My First Solo Book

My next upcoming book, originally titled Job Blues, now is called "Surviving Canada: Kisah Mahasiswi Absurd di Perantauan" basically tells the stories about all the mishaps and hilarious things that happened in my various part time jobs I took while I was surviving through college. Coming in a month!The English version will be out in August

Back in October I participated in the Indonesian 24 Hour Comic Day with other talented artists like Azisa Noor, Tita Larasati, Adriane Yuanita, and the awesome Lia Hartati and the result of our hard work were published by CAB a month later.

Little did I know that this anthology would actually get reviewed by The Jakarta Globe, one of the more popular choice of newspaper in Jakarta. That alone floored me, but even crazier, my collaboration with Cheng Tju Lim for the opener comic was actually given a very favourable review.

"The opening comic in “Nanny” features a domestic worker who travels to Singapore for her job. As an Indonesian with her memory trapped in the past, the Nanny misses her home more than she ever has. The stories have touched the reader’s hearts, and shed light on the plight of countless Indonesian women who work outside the country and are strangers in another culture trying to fit in, while not having many friends to talk. "

I really didn’t expect a review from The Jakarta Globe, much less a really good one, being that I’m one of the newer batch of artists in the Indonesian comic scene. I’m honestly floored and honoured to be mentioned among all the great artists and be able to be published together. 

Let’s hope I can do better for my next one :) (one month away from publication)

Monday, January 09, 2012

Magazine Illustration Comission

I had this comission of doing the zodiacs on holiday for this travel magazine. It was fun! Here's some of the selected pieces