Monday, August 04, 2008

Shop Talk

I don't normally do 'shop talk' in this blog because...well I have a paper diary for my opinions. That and my friends, whose ears are probably red from listening to me rant and rave. But I think this is worth a post.

I have most of the interviews done by Animation Podcast but see, this one's special because...


Here's a reason why it's great:

1. He's informative
2. But he's NOT BORING, he's sounds like he's used to being interviewed so there's not a lot of um and ahs and mumbley talk. Last guy who's like this was Nik Ranieri.
3. His life actually sounds interesting. It sounds like a life that Douglas Adams would have written. (yes I'm a D.N.A fan, part of being an Anglophile and stuff)

Also, his book is coming out :) I need that listed in my Christmas list!

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