Wednesday, August 06, 2008

RE-Design Exercise

First off, I don't play games a lot. In the span of my life I can count the games I've played with one hand. But there was this game...that really makes my heart sing. The main character is a wolf, an incarnate of a sun-goddess Amaterasu.

Image copyright of Clover/Capcom

That being said, most artists that I know who play this game and "redesigned" Amaterasu into a human being more often than not take the approach of making her either really cute or sexy in their own drawing style. I attempted to redesign her to fit the "universe" of design within the game.

This is the look of the game more or less

To curious ones, the bottom drawing of Amaterasu and Issun, the text on Issun says hahahahaha (laughing) and the text on stuck on the paper is "dumbass"

Monday, August 04, 2008

Shop Talk

I don't normally do 'shop talk' in this blog because...well I have a paper diary for my opinions. That and my friends, whose ears are probably red from listening to me rant and rave. But I think this is worth a post.

I have most of the interviews done by Animation Podcast but see, this one's special because...


Here's a reason why it's great:

1. He's informative
2. But he's NOT BORING, he's sounds like he's used to being interviewed so there's not a lot of um and ahs and mumbley talk. Last guy who's like this was Nik Ranieri.
3. His life actually sounds interesting. It sounds like a life that Douglas Adams would have written. (yes I'm a D.N.A fan, part of being an Anglophile and stuff)

Also, his book is coming out :) I need that listed in my Christmas list!