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haven't posted these babies in a while.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekly Column

So, I've been working with Skycron for over a year or so. Well, we're knee-deep in Artist MD and I am preparing for an animated pitch for Teletoon and an untitled comic book, so forgive me for not updating for a while. And since then, the boys said I should update the studio blog!Jeez guys, I haven't even had time to update MY blog. But seriously, I have a weekly coulmn at the Skycron blog.

So what's in it you ask? They gave me freedom to write anything I want, so mostly I write about stuff experience in the studio and analyzing the stuff I admire. Most of my art stuff goes to my DA now. And my laptop just broke down so I haven't been able to scan/paint digital things. So...yeah. That's how I've been doing.

Here if you care to see

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Unposted Art

My Wonderful Life

...or not really. For the past two weeks I've been somewhat bed-ridden with this terrible cold that gets worse everyday.