Thursday, June 22, 2006


Quick Photoshop doodle

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Fans of French Literature/Stage musicals, have you heard of this??Apparently there's a Les Miserables fighting game! In this screen is Javert vs. Cosette. o_O and I thought I've seen weird stuff!

Link to screenshots


Joni's Promise

Think of this premise: A fast-paced, full of gags romantic comedy about a film reel delivery boy to get the film rolls on time. What's the image that comes to mind? A lavishly made Hollywood movie starring maybe Orlando Bloom? Set in the streets of L.A where everyone is making movies and the buildings are manicured and beautiful? Nope

Joni's Promise is an Indonesian film. It is part of the nouveau cinema movement in Indonesia. The story is about the film delivery boy trying to make a move on a girl. She said she'll only want to reveal her name if the guy finishes delivering the film reels she saw that day. However, Joni encountered impossible obstacles along the way that day.

The style of the film reminds me of a slightly more upbeat take in DeSica's Bicycle Thief. It also employs a bit of the Lizzie Mcguire style flashbacks (I can assure you they made it look really good instead of the cheesy photosnaps in LM). It is also peppered with filmmaker humor. (one part of a scene depicts a scriptwriter ass-kissing for movie funding. :P Something we all, filmmaker have to do sooner or later). And also, the film is full of colourful cast. (starting with Pak Ucok, the projectionist to the guy who had heart attack later on in the movie.)

It's a must see. It's fresh and hilarious! The only time I have really enjoyed laughing on a comedy film like this was watching Nez Rouge and The Producers. It's not pretentious or tries to be and it even made fun of the film industry in Indonesia. (which just started again ) I heartily reccomend this movie to anyone wanting a good laugh, or a good movie.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Best animation teacher EVAH

Mark Mayerson, an awesome teacher. He'd let you run around with your own creative direction yet still teach you to animate what you want to animate properly! He's well educated and very open minded and has such a dry hunour when teaching. He can threw you off for a bit because people might think he's unapproachable but he's not. Poor Mark's got to get the technician to get the DVD working in school. Why? Some idiot either disconnect cables from the DVD player to the projector screen or stole a remote control!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Codgers and Cartoons

I'd like to share two cartoons with you blog readers. I read newspaper cartoon and constantly get dissapointed but there are two cartoons that rock my mornings.

First off is Boondocks.

Although with this one, I usually watch the cartoon in Teletoon. Reason being? Toronto Star does not subscribe to it. It's hilarious and awesome. It's got content and tons of intelligence. Compared with Doonesbury, I relate to this better because I used to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist like Huey. Plus the fact all the observations on life/politics are delivered through a 10 year old kid, making it easier to digest for me. That's the main reason Doonesbury turned me off, the comentator/character is an adult male who looks angsty (at least to me) and dejected.

Second is Lily Wong
It's discontinued due to offending Chinese authorities. Combining political commentary and family sitcom, this cartoon also succeed doing political commentary. The way it presents the political commentaries is through either Lily, her gwailo husband Stuart or Rudy, Lily's brother. Each characters represents unique point of views, Lily's the educated Chinese trying to be good in the modern and traditional world, while Stuart has the American point of view and Rudy, the pragmatist Chinese ("hey I gotta live" policy), that's why this cartoon rarely bores me. Written by an American who's married to a Cantonese psychologist and her family, both living in Hong Kong, a lot of the times the stuff written in Lily Wong are based on his own experience