Sunday, March 12, 2006

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Art Teacher Suspended for Recommending Figure Drawing Classes
Posted at 12:09 pm by Matt
A ninth grade art teacher in Middleton, NY, has been suspended and may be fired after suggesting his students take life drawing courses. Snip.

Last December Peter Panse was suspended from his teaching job for apparently recommending that some of his advanced students consider taking figure drawing courses that included nude figure drawings.

In his discussions with students Mr. Panse mentioned several options for advancing their figure drawing skills; the local community college, a nearby frame shop that sponsors art classes, and the prestigious New York Academy of Art. He also described pre-college figure drawing programs at several other New York City art schools, and a highly successful art college prep program called the Mill Street Loft.

Panse was suspended from his teaching job pending hearings. Depending on the outcome of these hearings, he may be permanently fired, ending a 25-year teaching career. Panse is a National Board Certified Teacher (in Adolescent and Young Adult Art), the highest level of certification that a teacher can achieve in America. He is also one of only two National Board Certified Teachers in his New York District, and “is a trained Facilitator for helping teachers explore and pursue the requirements needed to achieve National Board Certification

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Eric Vanic said...

just dont tell the administration at Middleton, NY that the earth is round. and FORGET about taking their pictures!

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