Monday, February 27, 2006

Reading Week

This is what I did for my paintin' class. So glad I finished it:)

Reading List in reading week

1. Kristina, King of Sweden 1638-1639 Diary (I know it's a kids book, but she was REAL so go and research her!)
2. Mrs. Frisby & The Rats of NIMH (Bluth released the movie adaptation)
3. The Amulet of Samarkand

What I WANT to read

1. No.1 Ladies Detective Agency
2. Poisonwood Bible
3. 100 Years of Solitude

What I reccomend YOU to READ

1. Men at Arms-Terry Pratchett-Corgi
2. A Handmaiden's Tale-Margaret Atwood-I dunno the publisher
3. Going Postal-Terry Pratchett-Corgi (I swear reading that books feels like watching a TV cartoon series---in a good way, light, frothy, and entertaining, like a nice cup of french vanilla cappucino)
4. Maurice and His Educated Rodents -Terry Pratchett-Corgi (masterfully done. VERY GOOD book)
5. Chronicles of Narnia--CS Lewis-Various publisher
6. The Yang siblings series -Lensey Namioka-Bantam Doubleday


Virginia Valle said...

Stephani thanks for the tips and suggestion . Your painting look great :) I think with more you made you will be a great digital painting :). cool post

S. Stephani Soejono said...

thank you asalways, Virginia:D Are you in US/Canada?

Virginia Valle said...

:D in Uk.

Rikki said...

you have a really unusual style, i love it :)

S. Stephani Soejono said...


Alina Chau said...

Lovely BG painting!!