Friday, February 17, 2006

Bio and a late short intro

I suppose I should do an intro and bio of myself. So

I'm Stephani Soejono, or the people at Sheridan knows me at Sheila Stephani. The explanation to that is long . See the thing is when I was born the government of Indonesia in Jakarta has this "amalgamation"policy for the Chinese Indonesians. (which is like a milder version of Holocaust--cept they didn't kill us) This made my parents had to change their names (cause my folks are both Chinese-Indonesian). As if that's not enough, they want to get rid of anything remotely resembling our heritage --which includes family surnames. So my name sorta get pingponged from Sheila Stephani Yap to Sheila Stephani Soejono to just Sheila Stephani.

Which always confuse people in Canada and make me feel insecure.

See, all my friends has surnames they can trace back to their ancestors, either in China, Vietnam, Ghana, England or German, or Ukranian. I sorta don't have that "heritage" behind me

I think I also owe people an explanation why I insist being called Stephani. Back home, every kid is called by their middle name instead of their first name. (at least in my area)

Well anyway I'm at Sheridan second year animation now. I'm loving it here. I love to read and draw...mostly people. I am trying to "break free" from drawing too much people. I need to draw more architecture drawings! I'm usually inspired by a lot of things. People around me, cultures, books, music, TV shows, films. I'm also an amateur soprano, and trying my best to learn Quebecois French.

I guess that's enough intro


S. Stephani Soejono said...

Believe it or's "Yap"

ivanfilm said...

Soejono. Maybe "Su" or "Soen." My friend's name is Soentoro. So his heritage name is something like that. Mine is Gozali, so I guess it's "Go"? Egh I dunno, stupid amalgamation policy.

This is great, I'm trying to do animation as well. Very tough cookie to break into. Looking forward to read your blogs.